Mayor’s Welcome

On behalf of the City Council, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the City of North Branch.

The citizens of North Branch have a great deal of pride in their City. North Branch has a growing business community, a vibrant industrial park, beautiful residential areas, and thriving farm lands. There are several creeks, a lake, and the Sunrise River flowing through the City. In addition, careful planning has allowed the City to maintain a significant amount of open space, park land, and wetland areas. These characteristics help make North Branch truly a special community.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about North Branch, our staff would be pleased to assist you. The City Hall phone number is 651-674-8113.

Roger Else, Mayor


Area History
The story of the geographical area that the municipal government of North Branch has encompassed since its incorporation as a township in 1861 has come full circle. In 1881 the citizens of the township continued under one municipal government when North Branch incorporated as a township-size village (36 square miles).In 1901, however, the jurisdiction divided. A one-square mile area of the township detached from the original village and reincorporated itself as the village of North Branch. The village of North Branch was more urbanized and was centrally located within the original 35 square mile rural area that reverted its status back to township and named itself Branch.

In 1961 Branch became a village, still surrounding the village of North Branch. When both communities grew rapidly after the completion of 1-35 in 1969, North Branch continued to be the more densely populated urban area of the community while Branch became home to many commuters who built homes on one-acre or larger lots. Farms comprise the remainder of the area.

In 1974, both communities became statutory cities under the state law that encouraged uniformity in municipal government. Within the next 10 years citizens began to reconsider the benefits of consolidating the governments and services of the communities.

A special election in 1984 proposed a study of merging the two cities. The proposal failed, and for the next 10 years the area experienced detachment/annexation proceedings, requests for extension of North Branch’s municipal services, citizens’ petitions to respective city councils and a study on consolidation by the Minnesota Municipal Board and a 20-member citizens’ task force.

The Municipal Board granted the consolidation and the North Branch City Council adopted it. However, the Branch City Council defeated the measure. A sufficient number of Branch residents petitioned for a referendum on consolidation, which was held on September 13, 1994 to coincide with the primary election. Large majorities of the voters in both Branch and North Branch voted for consolidation. As a result, the Municipal Board met and called for election of officers for the new city at the general election. The city officials were sworn in and the new city name came into existence on November 14, 1994.

General Information, City of North Branch

City Hall (651-674-8113) is conveniently located in downtown North Branch at 6408 Elm Street.

The City is governed by a five-member City Council, consisting of the mayor and four council members, elected at large. 

See the Planning Commission page under “Boards and Commissions” for full information on when the Commission meets and a list of their citizen members.

The Park Commission meets at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of the month at City Hall. Citizen members are Jim Deming, Michele Johnson, Janet Lasch and Charles Heinzel.

See the Economic Development Authority (EDA) page under “Boards and Commissions for full information on when the EDA meets and its current citizen members. 

See the North Branch Municipal Water and Light Commission (651-674-7100) entry under “City Departments” for information on the Water and Light Commission: their history, their meeting time, and the current citizen commission members. 

See Municipal Liquor Store entry under “City Departments” for full information and hours of operation.