Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Police: In case of an emergency call: 9-1-1.
The City has a full-time police department. To contact the police department with non-emergency matters you may call 651-674-8848. To contact the Chisago County Sheriff’s office with non-emergency matters, call 651-674-7033.

Fire: In case of an emergency call: 9-1-1.
The City is served by the North Branch Volunteer Fire Department.

Ambulance: Call police/fire emergency phone number: 9-1-1.

Hospitals: The nearest hospitals are
Fairview Lakes Regional Medical Center, 5200 Fairview Boulevard, Wyoming, (651) 982-7000; and
Cambridge Medical Center, 701 South Dellwood, Cambridge, (612) 689-7700.
Both hospitals have clinics in North Branch:
Fairview Lakes North Branch Clinic, 629 Oak Street, (651) 674-8353; and
Wild River Medical Center, 38986 14th Avenue, (651) 674-0055.


Real estate tax: The average home in the area is valued at $100,000. The net tax capacity for taxes payable in 2001 on such a property in Subdistrict  A (former City of Branch ) is 23.648 percent for a total annaul City tax of $273.37. In Subdistrict B (former City of North Branch), where the tax capacity is 29.106 percent, the homeowner’s City tax would be $336.47 The Chisago County Assessor’s Office (651-674-4433) can provide information on how property taxes are calculated.

House Numbers must be posted and clearly visible from the street.

New Property Owners: Your annual property tax statement is prepared and mailed each spring by Chisago County. For new homeowners, you must go to the Chisago County Assessor’s Office to homestead your property. To contact Chisago County you can call 651-257-1300, or write 313 North Main Street, Center City, Minnesota 55012. Chisago County needs the legal description of your property or the property identification number to check tax records.

Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance: It is the property owner’s responsibility to repair and maintain sidewalks adjacent to your property.

Animal control is contracted to Animal Control Services Inc., (651-653-6404). All dogs over six months of age must be licensed and leashed; animal nuisance ordinances are enforced. Dogs are not allowed to run at large at any time. Dogs are not allowed off the owners premises unless properly leashed. Dog owners are required to clean up after their pets. Frequent loud barking, howling, or yelping is prohibited. Annual licenses cost $5 and may be obtained at City Hall. For more information call the animal control officer at 651-653-6404.

Bicycles: Bicycle riders must ride with the traffic. Bicycles are not required to be licensed in North Branch. You are encouraged, however, to register your bicycle with the State of Minnesota.

Burning: Recreational fires are allowed in a fire pit without a permit (no larger than 3′ X 3′ X 3′). All other burning requires a burning permit, which may be obtained at City Hall. You are allowed to burn agricultural products. Burning of other materials is prohibited.

Daycare: For information on daycare facilities, call Chisago County, or consult the local newspaper.